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Lietuvos Energija, the biggest utility in the Baltics, is working to create the most agile ecosystem for energy innovation based on the principles of open innovation.
Every startup, utility, energy company and individual will find a good fit in at least one of our four partnership domains.

About Us

Lietuvos Energija is one of the biggest energy groups in the Baltic States, working in energy distribution, generation, services and other areas. The LE group owns and operates Lithuania’s main power plants and nation-wide distribution network, ensuring security of energy supply and services for more than 1.6 million consumers in the country. It also provides electricity supply services to customers abroad, and operates 8,500 kilometres of gas distribution pipelines to supply natural gas to more than 570,000 customers.



The main purpose of this website is to give you direct access to our open innovation ecosystem through a simplified application process. You can apply under one of our four partnership domains:

Open Funding: For early-stage (seed and pre-seed) companies seeking financial input. Applications are reviewed by Lietuvos Energija and Contrarian Ventures to assess your fit for our Accelerator One and/or Smart Energy Fund programmes.

Open Infrastructure: For companies and individuals looking to do proofs of concept or test new technology under real-life conditions. Gain access to one of the biggest energy infrastructure sandbox platforms in the world and tap into our power generation, distribution and other assets. Free of charge!

Open Partnership: Our partnership programme targets utilities and research institutions looking to do collaborative R&D and joint piloting projects.

Open Culture: Sign up to register as a candidate for our open culture events (hackathons) which take place twice a year. Time and place are typically announced several weeks in advance to those who have expressed interest!

Simply put – everyone. Whether you are a big company or a small one or an individual with a great idea, we encourage you to get on board! Here’s a short description of our partners by domain:

Open Funding: Early-stage startups seeking investment or accelerated growth.

Open Infrastructure: Companies and individuals that are designing and developing innovative solutions, including technology startups, universities and science centres. Ideal for doing your proof of concept!

Open Partnership: Primarily aimed at other utilities and R&D entities (universities, research institutes, etc.).

Open Culture: You can register for upcoming hackathons as an individual and get assigned to a team, or you can sign up and come as a team!

When you submit an application, the LE innovation team will respond within a couple of business days to confirm receipt and outline the next steps. Then we will fully evaluate the application with an eye to signing a cooperation agreement, which typically takes several weeks.

  • A very fast process, from application to action
  • Professional help and expertise from our 4,000 employees
  • Access to more than 1.6 million customers in the Baltics and Poland
  • Access to the one of the world’s biggest infrastructure sandboxes for testing and piloting technologies under real-life conditions
  • LE’s reference and feedback to assist your further development

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